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Busting the granite countertop myths

There’s a lot of information about the granite countertop. It might be overwhelming to try to sort through all of it to find out what’s true and what is a myth. At A&S Granite and Marble, we want you to be able to make the right choice based on true information. We thought it might help you to see what are the myths about granite so you can make an informed choice. Read on and what you think you know might be subject to revision.

It’s difficult to keep up a granite countertop

Granite counter tops do need to be sealed, but that doesn’t indicate that these surface areas are tough to maintain. A basic clean down with the right cleanser is all it takes to keep a granite countertop tidy. Many people tidy granite counter tops as frequently as they would clean any other type of countertop surface.

Polishing a granite countertop is just as simple as cleaning up one, and polishing can happen as typically as the owner wants, although A&S Granite and Marble advises a weekly polish. While it holds true that the regularly you polish it, the much better it tends to look, polishing isn’t an often required maintenance step for granite. We can suggest a sealant that is simple to use and takes very little time.

When it pertains to sealing a granite counter top, many individuals are under the impression that this is something that requires to be regularly done and takes a very long time. With the right sealant, sealing a granite counter top just takes a couple of minutes. Plus, you just need to reseal the surface every 12 to 18 months.

Granite will not be shiny forever

This statement appears to have actually been over-applied to granite, despite the fact that it is just real for marble. Granite rarely shows wear from routine usage. If you do start to discover that the stone doesn’t appear as glossy as it when did, you can use a polish and see it shimmer as soon as again.

You can’t destroy a granite countertop

It is true that granite is resistant to chemicals, heat, discolorations, and scratches, and it is one of the hardest counter top products available, however that doesn’t indicate that you can’t damage it.

While it is very hard to stain granite, it is possible, although it is also possible to get rid of the discolorations. Another fascinating myth states that once stained, granite can’t be gone back to its original state. If you do happen to stain your granite, it is likely that you can undo the damage.

Granite is also heat resistant but positioning a hot pot directly on your granite countertop isn’t an excellent idea. High heat can trigger granite sealants to pall and cloudy. In addition, quick modifications in heat can cause vulnerable points like natural fissures in the stone. It holds true, nevertheless, that hot pots and pans are unlikely to swelter the surface area of the granite.

Although scratch resistant, there are numerous substances that are more difficult than granite and can scratch it. Abrasive chemical cleaners can cause small scratches on the surface of your granite. Cracking and cracking can likewise occur when some tough hits the granite. So, while granite is a durable material, it can be harmed.

Light granite is not as hard as dark granite

For some reason, lots of people think that darker colors of granite are more difficult than lighter colored ones. Nevertheless, the hardest mineral found in granite is quartz, which is normally a white or grey colored mineral.

Marble and granite are pretty much the same stone

Granite and marble may both be natural stones, but they are far from the same. The stone is an igneous rock that was formed by molten magma that cooled and solidified under the ground, while marble is a calicoes stone that was formed from oceanic deposits that were compressed under enormous pressure.

Granite is not safe for food prep

Eventually, somebody got the idea that germs and other bacteria enter the pores of granite, therefore making it risky to prepare food on a granite surface. Fortunately for granite fans, this is entirely false. A granite countertop will consist of no more germs than any other countertop surface area.

Another rumor about granite being unsafe comes from a claim that counter tops made with the stone produce cancer-causing radon. Fortunately for the owners of granite counter tops, these claims haven’t been validated. The EPA hasn’t discovered any evidence that granite counter tops discharge a level of radon that must be classified as unsafe.

A granite countertop stains easily and you can’t remove those stains

As previously mentioned, granite doesn’t stain really easily. If it does stain, one of the primary perpetrators is cooking oils. These oils can be removed using a paste or poultice that draws the oil out of the stone. As long as you are responsible about tidying up spills on the surface of your countertop, it isn’t likely you will have any problems with spots on your granite counter tops.

Granite is costly

While what qualifies as costly is completely subjective, granite countertops aren’t really far more costly than other counter top surface areas. Clearly, there are cheaper options for counter top surfaces. Examples of these are laminate or tile, but granite rates is competitive with comparable stone options.

Also, the abundant supply of granite has actually driven costs down. When compared to other natural stones, it is one of the cheaper alternatives on the marketplace due to the capability to access it. As more individuals purchase granite countertops, the less expensive it costs to have one in your house.

Even if granite does seem expensive, it is one of the most long lasting counter top surfaces, and it increases the resale value of your home. If effectively cared for, granite can last for decades.

A&S Granite and Marble has the perfect granite countertop for you

If you’re wondering about how a granite countertop would work best in your home and you need more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us at 813-571-1200 to speak to one of our expert staff members. Another way to reach out to us by email is to use our contact form.


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